How Find and Connect with your Ideal Client on the Newest Social Media App

Can you make the new Clubhouse App work for your writing business?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the new social app: the Clubhouse App. It’s a new social app, still in beta, that is sweeping through entrepreneurial spaces because of the potential for networking.

When I was first invited to test out Clubhouse, I thought it might have been a scam. It just sounded so far-fetched: a social media app that was invite-only and was dominated by tech-giants, multi-millionaire CEOs, celebrities, and other powerhouses in business? That sounds sketchy, right?

Like the opening scene to a Limitless sequel.

The end of the world doesn’t have to be the end of the world

Man sitting on his sofa in a low-lit room with his laptop on.
Man sitting on his sofa in a low-lit room with his laptop on.
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Just when you thought business was booming and 2020 was going to be your best year ever, along comes a global pandemic to knock the world into uncertainty. While some industries — say social media — are booming, other industries — such as travel and hospitality — are feeling the shadow loom over them.

Now, it would be easy for those of us writing in the social media and digital marketing niche to double down on our work and just ride the wave while it’s still high, ignoring all those freelancers who’ve essentially lost their jobs almost overnight. …

What exactly is social distancing…and what does it mean for freelance writers?

If you’re working from home as a freelance writer, blogger, or author — especially an introverted one — you might be watching the news right now and ready to breathe a heavy sigh of relief as social isolation and social distancing become life-saving tools.

When the CDC started telling everyone to stay home and avoid large crowds, you could almost hear the introverts let out a sign of relief. At least, you would have if they weren’t already in their homes avoiding people.

But, here’s the thing: social…

Seeing 2020

Make 2020 the year you get your book published

Princess Leia Burlap painting next to a stack of books with a miniature typewriter on top
Princess Leia Burlap painting next to a stack of books with a miniature typewriter on top
Photo: Naomi D. Nakashima

I’m not an expert.”

Who am I to tell people what to do?”

Who’s going to listen to me? I’m nobody…”

These are all things my clients say about themselves when they first approach me to help write their book. They all have a tendency to think writing books is for people who are bigger than they are, or more of an expert than they are, or have more connections than they do.

We’re all insecure and filled with self-doubt when we start something new, so these fears are normal. Especially something as foreign as writing a book. Not to…

Charge what you’re worth…

I see this phrase over and over and over again.

On websites, in groups, in courses.

“Don’t forget to charge what you’re worth.”

“Make sure you’re charging what you’re worth.”

And while I understand the sentiment, in reality this statement means absolutely nothing.

“Charge what you’re worth” is an insidious lie started by some high-priced coaches who need to justify how much they’re charging you. (George Kao)

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Your worth should not be tied to your price.

Because if it is, wow, will you be in trouble.

Your rates should accomplish a couple things in your clients’ eyes:

  • They…

Okay, so first thing’s first… yes, this post on how to be quiet and reflective was inspired by a tweet by Tom & Lorenzo, who asked the question in response to just the latest in a series of blog posts and articles asking the same about introverts:

Now, on a scale of joke to dead serious, I have no idea where this tweet falls. I don’t know if Tom & Lorenzo knew the type of conversation they were about to spark, or if they only just hoped to spark a conversation, or if the conversation was just a happy…

Writing sex scenes is something that many authors don’t even think about (unless they’re writing erotica) until all of a sudden they need to know how to write a sex scene. Chances are if you read a lot of books within the romance or erotica genres (or any sub-genre), then you’ve come across more than a few bad sex scenes. And there’s a really good reason for that: writing sex scenes is hard.

Writing about sex is hard.

Especially for the first time. Writing those steamy sex scenes requires a whole different set of skills than writing just about anything…

Freelancers getting stiffed by clients is not exactly a rare phenomenon. It happens far too frequently. And after almost every instance, freelancers are left wondering “should I have seen this coming? What are the warning signs a client may not pay?”

Not long ago, I was working on a blog post for recent freelance statistics. And while I was reading the different reports I pulled the statistics from, I came across one statistic in particular that made my jaw drop: 44% of all freelancer report that they have been stiffed on an invoice.

Now, that’s a pretty bad statistic, but…

If there’s one piece of advice you’ll hear over and over and over again, it’s this: if you want to be a successful freelance writer, you have to be confident.

And if there one piece of advice I hope you’ll ignore, it’s this: if you want to be a successful freelance writer, you have to be confident.

Don’t get me wrong — confidence is important. I one hundred percent agree.

But until you learn how to build up that confidence as a freelance writer, you’re going to have to succeed without it. Because what’s the alternative?


It is virtually…

Naomi D Nakashima

Freelance B2B Ghostwriter (I may have helped write some of your favorite books on social media), #NaNoWriMo ML, and #SocialMedia analyst.

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