What 18 years of experience has taught me about putting mental health before work

When people think about the life of a freelance writer, they usually think of someone like Carrie Bradshaw from the TV show Sex and the City: someone who spends a few hours a week to write a weekly column and yet still makes enough money to purchase designer clothing and…

How Find and Connect with your Ideal Client on the Newest Social Media App

Can you make the new Clubhouse App work for your writing business?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the new social app: the Clubhouse App. It’s a new social app, still in beta, that is sweeping through entrepreneurial spaces because of the potential for networking.

When I was first invited…

Writing sex scenes is something that many authors don’t even think about (unless they’re writing erotica) until all of a sudden they need to know how to write a sex scene. Chances are if you read a lot of books within the romance or erotica genres (or any sub-genre), then…

Naomi D Nakashima

Freelance B2B Ghostwriter (I may have helped write some of your favorite books on social media), #NaNoWriMo ML, and #SocialMedia analyst.

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